Commercial Truck Accidents

In 2017 alone, over 4,700 people were killed in crashes involving large trucks, per the Federal Carrier Safety Administration. Many of these crashes were due to mechanical issues with the trucks like brake failures and tire problems, but a large portion of tractor-trailer and large truck accidents occur due to the condition of the driver. Too often, tractor-trailer and commercial truck drivers are driving while overworked, on an unfamiliar route, or even under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These issues can lead to traumatic accidents causing serious injuries or death.

There are over 2,700,000 tractor-trailer trucks or “18-wheelers/semis” on the road. This doesn’t include the cement trucks, log trucks, dump trucks, fire trucks and other commercial vehicles involved in accidents every day. The extreme weight of these vehicles contributes to the catastrophic damage often resulting from these crashes, as well as the conduct of the drivers. 

Injuries suffered in an accident with a large truck can be devastating and permanent. Victims of large truck accidents that are fortunate enough to escape with their lives are left with catastrophic and sometimes permanent injuries. The cost for medical treatment is high and can lead to incredible medical debt; those out of work because of their injuries can feel like they have no options. 

Semi truck accidents are complex and require a strategic approach when making a claim for injury or death. There are typically multiple lines of insurance coverage and each case requires a thorough investigation of the facts and coverage. Hollingsworth Injury Law will seek to recover all medical expenses, prescriptions and other medical costs, lost time from work, and any future expenses associated with your accident. And in cases with egregious conduct like driving under the influence or reckless driving, we seek punitive damages, which lead to considerably higher results.

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